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B I R D S   O M A N

The latest on birds and birdwatching

in the Sultanate of Oman

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Now 527 species on the Oman Bird List

You can download the latest OBL v7.6 here
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Updated 24 September 2016

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Updated 20 April 2015*

* Recent uploads from Oman:

Black-necked Grebe      Jouanin's Petrel      Persian Shearwater      Wilson's Storm Petrel      Swinhoe's Storm Petrel      Great White Pelican      Masked Booby      Lesser Frigatebird      Striated Heron      Western Reef Heron      Intermediate Egret      Great Egret      Grey Heron      Purple Heron      Abdim's Stork      White Stork      Lesser Flamingo      Lesser Whistling Duck      Common Shelduck      Ruddy Shelduck      Eurasian Teal      Garganey      Northern Shoveler      Ferruginous Duck      Tufted Duck      Western Osprey      Egyptian Vulture      Crested Honey Buzzard      Black-winged Kite      Black-eared Kite      Yellow-billed Kite      Western Marsh Harrier      Pallas's Fish Eagle      Greater Spotted Eagle      Steppe Eagle      Eastern Imperial Eagle      Bonelli's Eagle      Booted Eagle      Common Kestrel      Amur Falcon      Barbary Falcon      Arabian Partridge      Spotted Crake      Little Crake      White-breasted Waterhen      Common Moorhen      Pheasant-tailed Jacana      Crab-plover      Pied Avocet      Black-winged Stilt      Little Ringed Plover      Kentish Plover      Pacific Golden Plover      European Golden Plover      Grey Plover      Spur-winged Lapwing      Asian Dowitcher      Temminck's Stint      Long-toed Stint      Dunlin      Broad-billed Sandpiper      Ruff      Pin-tailed Snipe      Black-tailed Godwit      Bar-tailed Godwit      Whimbrel      Eurasian Curlew      Red-necked Phalarope      Terek Sandpiper      Marsh Sandpiper      Wood Sandpiper      Common Gull      Pallas's Gull      Baltic Gull      Steppe Gull      Gull-billed Tern      Caspian Tern      Bridled Tern      Brown Noddy      African Collared Dove      Namaqua Dove      Bruce's Green Pigeon      Asian Koel      Common Cuckoo      Arabian Scops Owl      Pallid Scops Owl      Little Owl      Pallid Swift      Malachite Kingfisher      Green Bee-eater      Arabian Spotted Eagle-Owl      Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark      Greater Short-toed Lark      Crested Lark      Eurasian Skylark      Pale Martin      Sand Martin      Barn Swallow      Wire-tailed Swallow      Streak-throated Swallow      Forest Wagtaill      Black-headed Wagtail      Citrine Wagtail      Grey Wagtail      Long-billed Pipit      Red-throated Pipit      Isabelline Shrike      Red-tailed Shrike      Grey Hypocolius      Eversmann's Redstart      Desert Wheatear      Pied Wheatear      Red-tailed Wheatear      Hooded Wheatear      Blackstart      Clamorous Reed Warbler      Taiga Flycatcher      African Paradise Flycatcher      Nile Valley Sunbird      Purple Sunbird      Shining Sunbird      Palestine Sunbird      Oriental White-eye      Corn Bunting      Cinnamon-breasted Bunting      Trumpeter Finch      Arabian Golden-winged Grosbeak      African Silverbill      Common Starling      Common Myna      House Crow     

Flying Fish      Desert Hyacinth      Mountain Iris      Oasis Skimmer      Cream-bordered Charaxes      Painted Lady      Mediterranean Pierrot      Small Salmon Arab      Egyptian Tomb Bat      Common Genet      Long-beaked Common Dolphin      Sperm Whale      Arabian Gazelle      Ali Kiyumi's Leaf-toed Gecko      Carter's Semaphore Gecko      Snake-tailed Fringe-toed Lizard      Arabian Chameleon      Arabian Cobra      Oman     

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This website is updated regularly, providing photographs, sightings and information on birds in Oman

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