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B I R D S   O M A N

The latest on birds and birdwatching

in the Sultanate of Oman

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Oman Bird List, Edition 7 is out!

Now 517 species on the Oman Bird List

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Updated 11 September 2014

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Updated 20 July 2014*

* Recent uploads from Oman, Denmark and Germany:

Abdim's Stork      African Paradise Flycatcher      African Sacred Ibis      Arabian Babbler      Arabian Scops Owl      Arabian Spotted Eagle-Owl      Arctic Tern      Baillon's Crake      Barn Swallow      Black-crowned Tchagra      Black Guillemot      Black-headed Gull      Black Kite      Black-winged Stilt      Blue-cheeked Bee-eater      Booted Eagle      Bruce's Green Pigeon      Caspian Tern      Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse      Common Gull      Common Moorhen      Common Myna      Common Nightingale      Common Pheasant      Common Redstart      Common Ringed Plover      Common Tern      Crab-plover      Crested Lark      Eastern Black Redstart      Eastern Imperial Eagle      Eurasian Coot      European Nightjar      Fan-tailed Raven      Gadwall      Great Cormorant      Greater Hoopoe-Lark      Greater White-fronted Goose      Grey Hypocolius      Hooded Wheatear      Indian Silverbill      Lesser Kestrel      Lesser Whistling Duck      Little Crake      Little Owl      Little Ringed Plover      Little Stint      Little Swift      Mallard      Mute Swan      Nile Valley Sunbird      Northern Lapwing      Northern Shoveler      Northern Wheatear      Olive-backed Pipit      Pallid Harrier      Pied Avocet      Red-necked Grebe      Red-tailed Wheatear      Red-throated Pipit      Richard's Pipit      Roseate Tern      Sandwich Tern      Savi's Warbler      Semicollared Flycatcher      Short-toed Snake Eagle      Small Pratincole      Spotted Crake      Squacco Heron      Steppe Eagle      Steppe Grey Shrike      Streaked Scrub Warbler      Trumpeter Finch      Variable Wheatear      Western Marsh Harrier      White-cheeked Tern      White-eared Bulbul      White-spectacled Bulbul      White Stork      White-throated Robin      White-winged Tern      Willow Warbler      Woodchat Shrike      Wood Warbler     

Baluchistan Gerbil     

Astragalus fasciculifolius      Field Gladiolus      Lavandula      Lavender Mountain Lily      Long-headed Poppy      Mountain Iris      Western Marsh Orchid     

Brimstone      Carmine Darter      Common Fig-tree Blue      Common Sailor      Crimson-speckled Moth      Epaulet Skimmer      Glanville Fritillary      Green Hairstreak      Grey Count      Holly Blue      Large Jewel Blue      Mediterranean Pierrot      Small Heath Butterfly      Small Tortoiseshell      Speckled Wood      Spotted Joker      Striped Hawkmoth      Violet Dropwing     

Arabian Chameleon      Loggerhead Turtle      Sinai Agama     


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This website is updated regularly, providing photographs, sightings and information on birds in Arabia

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