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B I R D S   O M A N

The latest on birds and birdwatching

in the Sultanate of Oman

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Now 530 species on the Oman Bird List

You can download the latest OBL v7.9 here
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Updated 2 March 2019

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Updated 1 October 2017*

* Recent uploads from Oman and Scandinavia:

Black-throated Loon      Little Grebe      Little Bittern      Western Reef Heron      Greater Flamingo      Greylag Goose      Barnacle Goose      Brant Goose      Ruddy Shelduck      Eurasian Teal      Eurasian Wigeon      Gadwall      Northern Pintail      Tufted Duck      Red-crested Pochard      Common Pochard      Red-breasted Merganser      Yellow-billed Kite      Common Buzzard      Greater Spotted Eagle      White-tailed Eagle      Common Kestrel      Amur Falcon      Grey Francolin      Common Pheasant      Common Crane      Demoiselle Crane      Baillon's Crake      Eurasian Coot      Pheasant-tailed Jacana      Crab-plover      Eurasian Oystercatcher      Pied Avocet      Collared Pratincole      Common Ringed Plover      Kentish Plover      Grey Plover      Northern Lapwing      Red-wattled Lapwing      Whimbrel      Eurasian Curlew      Red Knot      Dunlin      Ruff      Ruddy Turnstone      Spotted Redshank      Common Redshank      Common Greenshank      Terek Sandpiper      Sooty Gull      Caspian Tern      Lesser Crested Tern      White-cheeked Tern      Bridled Tern      Whiskered Tern      White-winged Tern      Common Swift      Indian Roller      Eurasian Hoopoe      Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark      Barn Swallow      Western Yellow Wagtail      Tawny Pipit      Meadow Pipit      Black-crowned Tchagra      Fieldfare      Sedge Warbler      Icterine Warbler      Wood Warbler      Arabian Warbler      Collared Flycatcher      African Paradise Flycatcher      Eurasian Blue Tit      Corn Bunting      Brambling      European Goldfinch      House Sparrow      Common Starling      Rosy Starling      Tristram's Starling      Western Jackdaw      House Crow     

      Kidney Vetch      Dandelion      Common Globeflower     

      Black Percher      Carmine Darter      Slender Pintail      Bladetail      Orange Tip     

      Arabian Camel      Eurasian Red Squirrel      Nile Rat      Brown Hare     

      Carter's Semaphore Gecko     

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This website is updated regularly, providing photographs, sightings and information on birds in Oman

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